Welcome to the International Press Club of Chicago

Georginna CallawayIt is an honor to serve you as the first female President of the International Press Club of Chicago (IPCC). I am enthusiastic to begin my term. I will do my best to carry on the traditions and goals for IPCC. For those of you that I have not had the pleasure to meet during my tenure on the board or during my membership in the IPCC, please let me introduce myself.

I grew up with strong family values and strong beliefs in God, family and country; it is my way of life. There is gratification in being a wife, mother and daughter as well as an entrepreneur, businesswoman, and advocate in various organizations. Through memberships in the organizations to which I belong, it is the like-minded people in those very associations that create lifelong friendships. This has occurred over a decade of proud years as an IPCC member and, most recently, your IPCC Vice-President.

It is my hope that you will join me in making this year a success. I am counting on each of you, because it is evident that our past and future successes have been due to the dedication, hard work and support of you, our members. Furthermore, one of our greatest strengths has always been the support for journalists, authors, photojournalists and scores of you in the communication community.

Additionally, our diplomatic and student programs continue to be among our most-revered projects. These efforts and projects have also allowed us greater opportunities for networking and collaborations, which serve as invaluable tools for future goals and initiatives. It will be important to us, as a whole, that we attend the IPCC meetings and events, as well as supporting each other individually. It is our belief that, being a communicators' organization with defined objectives, a broad-based membership and exciting new initiatives, will set us apart from others and enable us to successfully accomplish all of our goals.

This year, 2017, is off to an enthusiastic and ambitious start, and I am excited that you, our members, are joining us on the journey with the International Press Club of Chicago ( IPCC) this year. The year brings renewed energy and optimism, as we see positive growth and increased demand in the communication community.

Furthermore, it is my pleasure to welcome the 2017 Officers. Lee Balgemann, Vice President; Henry Wionograd, Treasurer; Richard Cornell, Secretary; Wayne Toberman, President Emeritus; and Lee Salberg, President Emeritus. Congratulations are also in order for all of the 2017 Board Members. Together, we are committed to advancing the role of our organization and recognition of all our programs.

All of us wish you the very best as you embark on your journey in IPCC. It is sanguine that this year will be one filled with discovery and fulfillment, and that you will aspire to, and achieve, professional, educational and personal excellence.

I, along with the 2017 IPCC officers and board members, look forward to meeting each you at the IPCC Annual New Beginnings Celebration Party on the 18th of February. Let's have a great IPCC year!

Warm Regards,

Gigi Callaway, IPCC President


Gigi Callaway, President

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